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Michael T. Robinson

--  Specializing in helping people with their career direction and in solving job related problems. I've been a CEO of a high tech start-up, a VP of Marketing, Ops, and Product Development. Worked in Asia, Europe, US. Highly intuitive INTJ.
--  Years of Experience working with the MBTI: 14
--  Languages Spoken: English
--  California, United States
-- Inc
--  PO Box 1167
Los Gatos California, 95031
United States
--  800-890-2591
--  Session Formats: In Person, Teleconference, Webinar
--  Bachelors degree
--  Affiliated Associations: BAPPT IEEE
--  Clients Seen: Individuals, Higher Education, Teams and Groups, Families, Government, Legal professions, Corporations, Non-profit organizations, Religious organizations, Schools K-12, Healthcare professionals
--  Subjects of Interest: MBTI Feedback, Counseling, Career Counseling, Team Building, Leadership, Job Placement, Coaching, Decision Making

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