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MBTI® Master Practitioner

W. Scott Anchors Ph.D.

--  Why do some people seem to be on your wavelength, whereas others have different thought processes and styles? Have you ever asked yourself “Why don’t they get it?” I use the MBT Step I or II I to help people understand these differences.
--  Years of Experience working with the MBTI: 38
--  Languages Spoken: English
--  Maine, United States
--  207-949-3774
--  Session Format: In Person
--  Doctorate degree
--  Affiliated Associations: Association of Psychological Type
--  Clients Seen: Individuals, Higher Education, Teams and Groups, Government, Legal professions, Corporations, Non-profit organizations, Religious organizations, Schools K-12, Healthcare professionals
--  Subjects of Interest: MBTI Feedback, Career Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Leadership, Change Management, Stress Management, Job Placement, Coaching, Decision Making, Education, Communication

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